Stars in the sky over Yosemite


Stars in the sky over Yosemite

Yosemite is one of the best locations to get a great view of the stars. Because the park is far enough away from city lights, the night sky is dark enough and  you can get a spectacular view. (of course the elevation is a big factor also...)

Stargazing Tips

Remember to visit the park in the summer for the best Yosemite stargazing experience.  Dress warm when you go as the nights can get chilly.  (especially in Tuolumne Meadows).  Also don't plan your stargazing when the moon is full.  But the best time of the year  to see the stars is June - September.

Great locations for viewing

  • Glacier Point
  • Badger Ski area
  • Sentinel Dome
  • Lembert Dome (Tuolumne Meadows)
  • Anywhere you have an open view of the sky!

There are stargazing parties provided by the National Park and also many Astronomy clubs. Some folks take stargazing very seriously and have high tech expensive equipment.  Even if you don't have any special equipment, what you can see with just your eyes will blow you away!

Yosemite Guided star gazing and astronomers tours

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Before you click away from this page, be sure to watch the video below about the stars above Yosemite.

Watch it in full screen and be prepared to be amazed and inspired.   It was professionally produced in HD by  The Yosemite National Park for your pleasure.  You will be blessed.

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