Hiking Sentinel Dome.  Giving you amazing views and an easy hike

Trail view on the way to Sentinel Dome

Trail view on the way to Sentinel Dome

Have you ever wanted to climb Half Dome to the top to see the grand view on top of the dome?
But, the Half Dome hike is hard, long and the cable climb is challenging and even dangerous.  

But of course, the reward of the view is well worth it.  (I have climbed Half Dome twice )

Well, there is another hike that is only 2.2 miles and takes about an hour or so.  The views are also amazing.

The hike I am recommending is the Sentinel Dome hike.

To get to the parking lot to begin the hike - just follow the road to Glacier Point.  You will come to this parking lot BEFORE you get to Glacier Point.  Watch for it.   There are bathrooms in the parking lot also.

You need to check road conditions to make sure the Glacier Road is open.


The trail to Sentinel Dome is a very easy hike.  I would say a 3 out of 10 for difficulty.  The scenery of the hike is lovely and very enjoyable.

But the scenery on top of Sentinel Dome is what you are going for and will want to stay on the dome for a while.
You are almost as high as Half Dome, and you are higher than El Capitan.


  • Sentinel Dome     8123
  • Half Dome            8839
  • El Capitan             7569
  • Clouds Rest          9931

The top of the dome is very large.  It does get steep as you go to the outer edges of the dome.  Children can easily make the hike, but you do need to watch them and keep them safe when you are exploring the dome.

Be sure to bring your camera.  Sentinel Dome will inspire you with many different views which include:

  • Half Dome
  • The valley floor
  • El Capitan
  • Yosemite Falls
  • And much more.

If you are wanting to experience Yosemite from a high dome...this is your hike.  Pack a lunch and Sentinel Dome will give you a very pleasant afternoon.

Maybe this will be your next day trip?