(MCCV) MARINES: Central California Veterans

(MCCV) MARINES: Central California Veterans

R.R Villegas, Jr. (MCCV) Coordinator & Co-Founder

Post Office Box 3944  Merced

For more information call: (209) 726-5308

Mccv SemperFi (Facebook)

Mission Statement:  Said Committee is formed of local Marines and Independent of any other Organization.

Its Main Goal is to protect Marine Corps Heritage and to provide a Safe & Clean Environment for Marine Corps Traditional Events in our Area. 

The purpose is to Organize a better Foundation for Serving our Marine Brotherhood and being an Active Veterans Group within our Community. 

We are open to assist all Veterans by maintaining and constantly updating our Knowledge and Connections with other Veterans Groups. 

Always Striving to be a Positive Influence, We will continue in our Education and Commitment to Marines, Veterans and Community.