Grace Outreach Coalition, (GO.C)

Grace Outreach Coalition, (GO.C)

PhD. P. Fregend, Jon-Paul La'Kyes

P.O. Box 2633

Merced, CA. 95348

For more information call:(209) 349-1659

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GOC. is an non-profit org., we are a grass root org here in Merced Ca. Grace Outreach Coalition was founded in 2010.  

In 2011 GOC began the Schistosomiasis control mission in Borgu province bringing clean drinking water to over 10,00 people using carbon-based life straw water filter.  

In July of 2013, 10 indigenes of Borgu province were trained in the construction and operation of bio-sand filters from locally available materials so as to ensure sustainability of the water filters.

Additionally, 3 groundwater wells equipped with hand pumps were drilled in the Maiwindi community where the greatest risk of infant mortality due to water-borne diseases occurred.  

There are 437 villages in the Brogu province that GOC will place fresh water wells, address sanitation issue, etc.  2015, GOC is rebuilding an school that was once built out of clay which had been destroyed by the heavy rain storms.