Take Off Pounds Sensibly - Atwater

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Take Off Pounds Sensibly

Darlene Garton

1495 Underwood Ave (Holy Cross Lutheran Church)

City - - - Atwater

For more information call: (209) 357-7677

See our website at: - - - - WWW.TOPS.org

Take Off Pounds Sensibly also know as TOPS. We are a national organization with chapters everywhere to lose and help other lose weight and keep it off.

Our chapter in Atwater meets once a week on Thursday Mornings, our weigh ins begin at 8:30 , we have weekly weigh ins, contest, and so much more. Feel free to to join us and learn more about us

1st Regiment of the Belted Plaid

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1st Regiment of the Belted Plaid

Kenneth Cain - Commander, Bruce Glassford - Major, Public Information Officer

City - - - Los Banos

For more information call: (831) 297-2373

See our website at: - - - - https://www.1stregbp.com/

Please describe your organization - - - - We are a local education based group of men and women with Scottish, Scots-Irish and other Celtic ancestry that celebrate, promote and share our unique heritage and contributions over the centuries.

We wish to find and connect with more area folks that enjoy this ancestry and grow our group.

We enjoy monthly breakfast meetings, great camaraderie, and can offer a Scottish presence to most any occasion. We can also assist with Celtic ancestral and clan affiliation searches.

Bobcat Eats Food Waste Awareness and Prevention Progam

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Bobcat Eats Food Waste Awareness and Prevention Progam

Erin Meyer

Street Address - - - - 5200 Lake Road

City - - - Merced

For more information call: (209) 205-8102

See our website at: - - - - mercedgleaning.org

Please describe your organization - - - - The Bobcat Eats Food Waste Awareness and Prevention Program is a collaboration between the University of California, Merced and the Merced County Food Bank with the goals to reduce food insecurity and food waste in the County.

There are two main components to this program.

One component is harvesting or gleaning food from Merced County farms, backyards and other food outlets. Anyone with surplus food or who wants to volunteer, can register here: mercedgleaning.org.

The second component involves distributing more food to those in need. If your community organization or non-profit is interested in picking up free food from the Food Bank, please contact emeyer4@ucmerced.edu.

Contact us today with any questions or to get involved to help fight hunger and food waste.

M-STAR: Merced Society for Telescope & Astronomy Recreation

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M-STAR: Merced Society for Telescope & Astronomy Recreation

Diana Gunn

2021 P Street, Apt, Suite, Bldg. (optional)


For more information call:(408) 784-4732

See our website at: - - - -https://www.facebook.com/groups/1329713340428593/

Please describe your organization - - - -Merced's Astronomy Club hosts star parties and visits schools, farmer's markets, and parks on request.

Members share knowledge and equipment for the practice of amateur citizen astronomy. No equipment or experience is required to join us. We meet at 6pm on the second Tuesday of each month at Coffee Bandits, Main Street at Martin Luther King, Merced. Everyone is welcome.

Merced Downtown Neighborhood Association (DNA)


Merced Downtown Neighborhood Association (DNA)

Diana Odom Gunn

PO Box 7 Merced, 95341

For more information call: (408) 784-4732

See our website at: - - - -https://www.facebook.com/DNAMerced/

The Merced Downtown Neighborhood Association (DNA) is a recently established grassroots network of neighbors working to better the downtown area.

We are incorporated as a nonprofit community advocacy organization. We focus on advocacy on issues affecting downtown quality of life, beautification of downtown spaces, and community engagement through neighborhood organization. 

DNA meets monthly, on the last Wednesday, at 6pm, in the ArtHop/Epekel Gallery at 1733 Canal Street, downtown Merced.

All our neighbors are welcome to join us!

Merced County Mosquito Abatement


Merced County Mosquito Abatement

General Manager - Rhiannon Jones

3478 Beachwood Drive


For more information call:(209) 722-1527

See our website at: - - - -http://mcmosquito.org/

We are willing to host informational booths at events in regards to mosquito control in Merced County.

We always provide free swag and brochures.

South Fork Merced River Trailblazers

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South Fork Merced River Trailblazers

Bill King

Street Address - - - -P.O. Box 5008-201

City - - -Mariposa

For more information call:(209) 626-9898

Flowing out of Yosemite runs the South Fork of the Merced River, along which an old trail winds through lands wilder than those in Yosemite.  

We're an adventure-based non-profit group that hosts trail and camping "stewardship trips" along the South Fork of the Merced River in Mariposa County, with a mission to repair and maintain this trail, while offering opportunities for locals to get outdoors, experience nature, learn about and add to the cultural history of the area, and to give back in the form of trail-work.  

 Outings occur throughout the year and can be day-trips or multi-day excursions for small or large groups.  

Though many trail-work days are set (see list below), customized trips can be crafted for your group.

1- Kistler-Grapevine/June 11, 12, 13
2- South Fork Trail/October 12, 13, 14, 15, 16
3- West of Devil's Canyon/November 17 & 18
4- Hite's Cove Trail/December 15, 16, 17

- Contact me to help you create a stewardship outing for your group.

- We operate under an umbrella organization- The Upper Merced River Watershed Council.

Geocaching: A high-tech treasure hunting game played in Merced County and around the world

geocaching logo

Geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunting game played throughout the world by adventure seekers equipped with GPS devices. The basic idea is to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, outdoors and then share your experiences online.

Geocaching is enjoyed by people from all age groups, with a strong sense of community and support for the environment. Merced is a very active area for geocaching, with nearly 200 active geocaches within a 3-mile radius of downtown.

There are about a dozen active geocachers in Merced and many more in nearby communities. Geocaches come in many sizes, shapes, and types. They can be as large as a 5-gallon bucket or as small as a thimble.

They may be “traditional” – with a container, a log, and trading items. Or, they may be “mystery” caches that require solving a puzzle or problem to determine the location. Some caches may require several stops to get to the final location.

With a bread-crumb route along the way, these are called multi-caches. One type of geocache is called an “event cache.”

That means it will be a gathering of geocachers – a party if you will.

For more information about geocaching, see: http://www.geocaching.com

To learn more about how the game is played and all the terms, check out:

"The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Geocaching"


To learn about the best apps for geocaching read:

"4 Best Apps for Geocaching"


American Legion Post 83


American Legion Post 83

President - Chuck Bussey

Street Address - - - -939 W. Main St. Merced

For more information call: 209-722-0940

See our website at: - - - -American Legion Post 83 - Merced, Ca.@ALP83Merced on FaceBook

The American Legion is the largest veteran's service organization in the country, established by an act of Congress in 1919.  

Our mission is to provide support and service to veteran's, service members, and communities.  

For the youth of the Merced area we support Boy's and Girl's State, Oratorical Contests, 8th Grade Awards for Americanism, and American Legion Baseball.

Merced County Mosquito Abatement District

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Merced County Mosquito Abatement District

Rhiannon Jones, General Manager

3478 Beachwood Drive Merced

For more information call: (209) 722-1527

See our website at: - - - -mcmosquito.org

The purpose of the Merced County Mosquito Abatement District is to provide areawide mosquito control, prevent mosquito-borne disease, and reduce economic loss and discomfort from pestiferous mosquitoes.  

Our team is available to present at functions such as Lion's Club or Rotary Club meetings as well as provide educational booths for events such as fairs or festivals.

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CASA of Merced County


CASA of Merced County

Cathie Lancaster

2824 Park Ave. Suite A


For more information call: (209) 722-2272

See our website at: - - - - www.mercedcasa.org

Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of Merced County advocate for the best interests of abused and neglected children within the court system.

Based on the belief that every child is entitled to a safe and supportive home, CASA works through trained volunteers in collaboration with key agencies, legal counsel and community resources to serve as the child's advocate in the Merced County Juvenile Court System.

YOU can help to change the lives of Merced County's abused and neglected children in foster care by becoming a volunteer. CASA volunteers are ordinary people with extraordinary hearts and the desire to make a difference.

Advocates must be at least 21 years old and are asked to make an 18 month commitment in order to ensure stability and consistency for the children they serve.

Merced County Republican Party Central Committee


Merced County Republican Party Central Committee

Chairman Brian Raymond, Vice Chairman Sheila Whitley

Po Box 3826 Merced

For more information call:(209) 8197775

See our website at: - - - -MercedCountyRepublicanParty.com

Please describe your organization - - - -What We Believe:

We believe the strength of our nation lies with the individual and that each person’s dignity, freedom, ability, and responsibility must be honored.

We believe in equal rights, equal justice and equal opportunity for all, regardless of race, creed, sex, age or disability.

We believe free enterprise and encouraging individual initiative have brought this nation opportunity, economic growth and prosperity.

We believe government must practice fiscal responsibility and allow individuals to keep more of the money they earn.

We believe the proper role of government is to provide for the people only those critical functions that cannot be performed by individuals or private organizations and that the best government is that which which governs least.

We believe the most effective, responsible and responsive government is government closest to the people.

We believe Americans must retain the principles that have made us strong while developing new and innovative ideas to meet the challenges of changing times.

We believe Americans value and should preserve our national strength and pride while working to extend peace, freedom and human rights throughout the world.

Finally, we believe the Republican Party is the best vehicle for translating these ideals into positive and successful principles of government

Golden Valley Cardinal Regime Band Boosters


Golden Valley Cardinal Regime Band Boosters

Golden Valley Cardinal Regime

2121 Child's AveMerced

For more information call: (209) 9104827

See our website at: - - - -https://gvcardinalregime.weebly.com/

The Golden Valley Cardinal Regime has realized continual and steady growth since its birth in 1995. The Band Boosters, through the efforts of parents, guardians, and community members, are dedicated to supporting the work of the Director of Bands as he provides students with a quality music education.

The Boosters' primary role is fundraising as a non-profit organization.

You may visit the Band Boosters tab in order to keep current on general Band and Music program activities, Band Booster Meeting information, and Fundraising information.

El Capitan Leo Club

El Capitan Leo Club

  • Diana Moua as President
  • Kaser Thao as VP
  • Madeline Xiong as Secretary
  • Emilie Yang as Co-Sec
  • Udee Moua as Treasurer
  • Stephanie Vang as Historian
  • Estefani Chavez Rivera as Public Relations
  • Joua Thao as webmaster
  • Nouky Thao & Adam Lor as Sergeant of Arms
  • Nicky Lor as Freshmen Rep

100 Farmland, Merced, CA 95348

For more information call: 209 756-7065.
See our website at: elcapleos.weebly.com/events.html
We are a non-profit organization looking to help the community any way possible!

UC Merced Writing Project

UC Merced Writing Project

Dr. Pauline Sahakian

5200 North Lake Road Merced

For more information call:(209) 381-6559

See our website at: - - - -http://writingproject.ucmerced.edu/

The UC Merced Writing Project, or "UCMWP", is a collaborative program of the University of California, Merced, and Merced County school districts, dedicated to improving writing and the teaching of writing at all grade levels and in all disciplines.

The UCMWP works as a growing network of exemplary classroom teachers, kindergarten through university, who conduct professional development programs for teachers and administrators and engage in their own professional development through continued reading, writing, and research.

The UCMWP is considered a site of the California Writing Project and an affiliate of the National Writing Project. Teachers who attend our programs find that our professional development model of “teachers teaching teachers” provides hands-on experiences focused on building teacher knowledge and valuing teacher expertise.

Providing ongoing professional development in literacy and the teaching of writing for student success is the sole goal of the WritingProject. The UCMWP believes that knowing how to write well — to express, explain, argue — is a powerful predictor of success not only in college but also in the world of work. This belief has long been corroborated by researchers in both academic and public forums and served as the impetus for the birth of the National Writing Project which grew out of the 1974 Bay Area Writing Project in Berkeley.