Great Bike Paths in Merced County

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Bike Paths - photo by adam blauert

Bike Paths - photo by adam blauert

Bike Path in Merced

Merced County communities have an extended network of bike paths and bike lanes with many more planned for future construction.  This network is made up of three distinct classes of pathways, lanes, and routes.

Bear Creek Bikeway  -  PHOTO BY ADAM BLAUERT

Bear Creek Bikeway  - PHOTO BY ADAM BLAUERT

Class 1:  Separate pathway for bikes, pedestrians, skateboards, and other non-motorized uses.

Class 2:  A separate bike lane along the edge of a road; indicated by a striped line.

 Class 3:  A designated route without painted lines to indicate a separate bike lane.



There are many miles of bike paths in Merced

City of Merced city bikeway map  (click here)

Merced bike paths on Google Maps (click here)

Great links for local information about bicycling in Merced County.

Bear Creek Bikeway -  PHOTO BY ADAM BLAUERT

Bear Creek Bikeway - PHOTO BY ADAM BLAUERT

Additional Information

For additional information on biking, bike maintenance, bike events, and riding in Merced County, check out the website:  

Merced Bicycle Coaliton :

boy on merced city bike trails
boy on merced city bike trails

Bike Licensing

Bikes owned by residents of the incorporated areas of Merced County (Atwater, Dos Palos, Gustine, Livingston, Los Banos, Merced) must be licensed. 

A 3-year license costs $5 and is available from the police station in your city.  The information typically required in the license form includes band, model, serial number, wheel size, and frame size. 

The City of Merced provides its license information here.  CLICK HERE


To obtain a license, visit your local police station

  • City of Atwater Police Department - 750 Bellevue, Atwater / (209) 357-6385
  • City of Dos Palos Police Department - 1546 Golden Gate Ave, Dos Palos / (209) 392-2177
  • City of Gustine Police Department  - 682 3rd Ave, Gustine / (209) 854-3737
  • City of Livingston Police Department - 1446 C Street, Livingston / (209) 394-7916
  • City of Los Banos Police Department - 945 5th Street, Los Banos / (209) 827-7070
  • City of Merced Police Department - 611 West 22nd Street, Merced / (209) 385-6912

Bikes on the Bus:  Bike racks are provided on Merced County Transit Busses (The Bus).