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Yoga & Tension Release Exercises

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Yoga & Tension Release Exercises

Event Description-----Finally a workshop with yoga and tension release exercises.

In this workshop you wil get to experience both tension release exercises and yoga on separate days.

Saturday: Restorative Yoga by Clarissa Hidalgo.  This class will have an emphasis on breathe and self-awareness. We will use movement, gentle stretches and needed adaptations. Come one come all, if you can breathe, you can yoga.

Sunday: Tension Release Exercises led by Rocio Gonzalez will help you release deep rooted tension caused by physical or emotional stress or trauma. You will practice simple therapeutic exercises to help you release that stuck energy. 

TRE uses gentle exercises to release the psoas muscle, the deepest and largest muscle in the body. This powerful muscle holds physical, emotional, and mental stress that we carry in our bodies over the course of our lives. 


September 22nd: 10am-12pm
10-11:30am: Restorative Yoga By Clarissa
11:30am-12pm: Closing +Light snacks & juice samples from Juice Words

September 23rd: 10am-12pm
10-11:30am: Tension Release Exercises by Rocio Gonzalez
11:30am-12pm: Closing + Light snacks & juice samples form Juice Words

Led by: Clarissa Hidalgo and Rocio Gonzalez

Clarissa Hidalgo:  (RYT 200)

Clarissa received her yoga teacher certification in the Spring of 2017. She began practicing after being told she had Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis in 2010 and experiencing mobility issues in 2012. Since the beginning yoga benefited her physically, yet since her training she realized the various spiritual and wellness benefits of her practice. Receiving her BA in psychology from the University of California, Merced in 2012, she was not only able to incorporate and recognize the various benefits of yoga physically and mentally, but tap into the mindfulness and self-healing powers as well.

In Clarissa’s classes she emphasizes the importance of breath and self-awareness while embracing the beauty of modifications and self-love through life’s ever changing moments. Her yogic practice embraces Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, and Restorative Yoga. Yet to this day, her specialty remains in Accessible or Adaptive Yoga for All.

Clarissa has profected her practice to fit the needs of the people while strengthening their minds, hearts, and bodies with self-love and sheer strength and empowerment. She is an Accessible Yoga Ambassador and a proud advocate of yoga for everyone. With a love of pilates added to her practice, and an emphasis on breathe and self-awareness. Her teachings can and will offer something different for everybody. Clarissa offers in person, and studio sessions as well as online classes.

Her personal philosophy is, YOGA IS FOR EVERYONE, EVERYTHING, AT ANY TIME!!

About Rocio

Rocio Gonzalez is a certified Tension Release Instructor.  She has enjoyed the benefits of TRE, as she has experienced reduced anxiety, feeling present, and able to remain calm in social settings.  Her goal is to help others feel grounded so that they can live a fulfilling life.  She works with those going through anxiety, depression, stress and helps them regulate their nervous system with simple mindfulness tools and therapeutic exercises. 


Date or Dates of Event----September 22nd and 23rd

Start Time-----10 am - 12pm

Street Address-----2750 G St, Ste M


For More Information Call:-----(209) 769-2992

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