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Intermediate/Advanced Microsoft Excel

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In this hands-on workshop series, you will learn how to create informative data representation using advanced functions of Excel such as VLOOKUP, INDEX, and MATCH.

Financial functions such as PMT, FV, and NPV are explored. Text manipulation functions such as FIND, SEARCH, MID, LEFT, RIGHT, PROPER, TRIM, and RIGHT are explained.

The use and advantage of Excel’s “Pivot Table: will be discussed and practiced in details. The locking, and unlocking of the whole or part of the spreadsheet will be demonstrated.

The users will also learn how to create and use Macros to become efficient in using data.

Date or dates of event -- -Fridays, 12/1/17-12/15/17

Start Time- - -8:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Street Address - - -630 W 19th Street

City - - -Merced

For more information call:(209) 384-6224

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