Photographing at the Merced National Wildlife Refuge

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A true gem in Merced County

The Merced National Wildlife Refuge is a true gem in Merced County. The 10, 000-acre wildlife refuge is located on Sandy Mush road about 16 miles outside the city of Merced.

Photo by F. Golz
Photo by F. Golz

You are able to drive a loop around the refuge where you can observe all kinds of waterfowl, especially during the winter months when the refuge is home to thousands honking and squawking migratory birds that fill the skies and land on the water in the refuge.

Photography tips to use in the refuge

The refuge has two platforms for bird watching and two blinds where you can hide and observe nature at her finest.

I highly recommend visiting the park very early in the morning or an hour before sunset.

Photo by F. Golz
Photo by F. Golz

The sunsets are unbelievably beautiful when there are clouds in the sky. Take your camera with a telephoto lens and a tripod and you will be rewarded with beautiful images.

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If you do not know how to take great pictures, go and take a class at Merced College.

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Photo by F. Golz
Photo by F. Golz

For more information about the refuge

More information about the Merced National Wildlife refuge can be found at the following websites:

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about Fred

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