Creative Blur: A Photography Family Fun Project for Long Winter Nights

Collage Blur 01

The Winter Holidays are approaching quickly and many of us are getting pretty busy shopping, cleaning and preparing.  Sometimes we forget that the most precious gift we can give to our loved-ones is our time and attention.

Here is an idea for a fun photography project that almost everyone can do: Purposely blur your images!

There are several ways to do that.

1.Turn off the autofocus on your camera (if possible) and blur your image manually.

2. You can shake your camera while pressing the shutter.

3. You can put a gel or an old stocking in front of your lens. I have even tried some Vaseline which I applied on an old filter, not on the lens directly. Be cautious, it can be messy.

4. You can also blur your images using a program called Photoshop or Photoshop elements.

After you have taken your images you may organize them in a collage. This is a lot of fun because everyone will do this differently.

I used my images and edited them like they were taken with a Polaroid camera, and then I created two different collages.

Most importantly, have some fun and be creative!


about Fred

about Fred

Friedhelm (Fred) Golz is a local photographer (co-owner of Eye2Eye Photostudio), blogger, and educator.  Born in Germany, he immigrated to California after he married Nancy, a native Californian. He settled in Merced where his daughter and son grew up.

He teaches photography classes at Merced College community services. He is an active contributor to two photo, where he shares some of his images.

Also,, a photo blog that publishes weekly exercises for photographers.

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