Harvest Park Educational Center

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Harvest Park Educational Center

Gloria J. Morris

557 W. 26th Street


For more information call: (209) 626-9009

See our website at: - - - - www.pblt.org

HPEC © After School Homework Tutorial

Vision: Striving for Excellence!

Mission: All students on the Honor roll!

Our philosophy is that children and youth receive supplemental education and new information in a principled, faith-based atmosphere...an environment where learning may be evoked and encouraged pragmatically.

All students come into the education process equipped physiologically and emotionally with a brain and a heart to learn. All teachers ought to recognize the gifts, talents, strengths, and knowledge levels that children bring into the learning processes.

The Student's learning experience shall be further Nurtured by caring educators, trainers, tutors, and volunteers, who will challenge their intellectual curiosity while training their "brain & heart muscles" to properly respond to academic learning challenges.

They will develop the tools and skills needed to master any subject, whether English Language Arts (ELA), Social Studies/Geography, Math/Science, Business & Technology,etc.

The students who attend HPEC© will be well prepared for the future. They will possess principle-based character qualities and stabilized socio-emotional behaviors, allowing them to respond to life's challenges.